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Cleveland city, Ohio
Nickname(s):The Forest City
Motto(s):Progress & Prosperity
- Total:396.815 (2010)
- Density:5.087,4/sq mi (1.964,4/sq km)
Area code(s):216
Time zone:EST (UTC-5)
Summer Time zone:EDT (UTC-4)
- Total:84 sq mi (215 sq km)
- Land:78 sq mi (202 sq km)
- Water:6 sq mi (13 sq km)
- % water:6,05 %

Quick information summary of the Cleveland city area.

Cleveland city is located in the state of Ohio. It occupies the area of 84 square miles. 6 square miles are water areas and 78 square miles remain for land areas. Center of the Cleveland city lies at +41.4781381, -081.6794861 coordinates. According to the 2010 Census, there are 396.815 living in the Cleveland city. The racial makeup shows these 3 races as the most frequent : Black or African American (53.34%), White (37.28%) and Some Other Race (4.41%). Median age is 35 for the males and 37 for the females.

Cleveland is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio and the seat of Cuyahoga County. With a population of 396,815 (2010 Census), Cleveland is the second-largest city in Ohio. Greater Cleveland area with 2,077,240 inhabitants is part of the Cleveland-Akron-Elyria combined statistical area, which has over two million residents.

The city is located on the shores of the Lake Erie, in the northeastern part of Ohio. Its residents are called Clevelanders. The city lies in the Eastern Time Zone (UTC-5).

Some of the city’s nicknames include “The Forest City,” “Metropolis of the Western Reserve,” “C-Town” and “The Rock ’n’ Roll Capital of the World” (Cleveland is the home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame).

Cleveland is home to the MLB’s Cleveland Indians, the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Statistical data for the Cleveland city based on the 2010 U.S. Census

Racial makeup

White alone
147,92937.28 %
Black or African American alone
211,67253.34 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
1,3400.34 %
Asian alone
7,3271.85 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
1200.03 %
Some Other Race alone
17,5024.41 %
Two or More races
10,9252.75 %

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Population break-up based on Counties and Subdivisions in the area

Counties Subdivisions
County (whole county) Cleveland city part within the County Subdivision (whole subdivision) Cleveland city part within the Subdivision
Cuyahoga County 1.280.122- Cleveland city part396.815
Cleveland city 396.815- Cleveland city part396.815

Profile of the Cleveland city

History of Cleveland

Cleveland was founded in 1796 and named “Cleaveland,” after General Moses Cleaveland. The city’s rapid growth started in 1832, after the Ohio and Erie Canal was finished. Railroads that completed this major transportation and communication link boosted the economy even more and the city soon became a major commercial center. John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil in 1870, however, he moved the company to New York 15 years later.

In addition to being a commercial center, Cleveland also became one of the America’s most important manufacturing centers. Automotive industry was prominent in the city and by the 1920 Cleveland was the fifth largest city in the USA.

After the Great Depression, Cleveland, much like other American cities, needed something to boost its economy and its spirits, so the Great Lakes Exhibition was created. It attracted four million visitors in 1936 and as much as seven million visitors in 1937. The grounds where the Exposition took place are today used by the Great lakes Science Center and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, among other institutions.

The 1950s and 1960s saw a lot of social unrest in Cleveland, in relation to the African-American Civil Rights Movement, which resulted in the Hough Riots (1966) and the Glenville Shootout (1968). The city was in recession in the beginning of the 1980s, but the gradual recovery started after the unemployment in the city peaked in 1983.

Today, the city’s economy relies mostly on business and finance, in addition to steel and various manufactured products. Currently, the efforts are being made towards making Cleveland a technology center as well.

Geography and Climate

Cleveland occupies an area of 82.4 square miles, of which 4.8 square miles is water. It lies on a series of bluffs along the Lake Erie, which are cut by the Cuyahoga River, Euclid Creek and Big Creek. The city lies at 653 feet above sea level.

Because of the effects of the Lake Erie, Cleveland has a humid subtropical climate, especially in the areas closer to the lakeshore. Surrounding areas have somewhat cooler weather which can be classified as humid continental. Summers are warm and humid and winters are cold, with plenty of snowfall. Thunderstorms and occasional tornadoes may occur during spring and early summer.


Cleveland skyline is dominated by several noteworthy buildings, such as the Terminal Tower and Key Tower, currently the highest building in Ohio. The city has many architecturally significant churches, most notably the historic Old Stone Church and St. Theodosius Russian orthodox Cathedral. Cleveland Metroparks is a park system that encircles the city and is known as the “Emerald Necklace.”

Population of Cleveland

According to the 2010 Census, Cleveland has 393,806 inhabitants. The racial makeup is 53.3% Black or African American, 33.4% non-Hispanic White, 10% Hispanic or Latino, 1.8% Asian, 0.3% Native American, 4.5% some other race and 2.8% two or more races.

The largest ethnic groups are Germans, Irish, Poles, Italians and English. The city also has large communities of Slovaks, Hungarians, French, Czechs, Ukrainians, Slovenes, Croats, Arabs, West Indians, Romanians, Greeks, Lithuanians and Dutch.

In 2000, the median household income in Cleveland was $25,928 and the per capita income was $14,291.


Business, finance, steel and manufacturing dominate the economy of Cleveland. Biotechnology and fuel cell research have recently become important and ever-growing sectors in the city.

The city has the headquarters of several major companies, most notably Eaton, Forest City Enterprises, KeyCorp, Sherwin-Williams Technology and Applied Industrial Technologies. It also used to be home to one of the largest law firms in America, the Jones Day.

The Cleveland Clinic is the largest private employer in Cleveland and also one of the nation’s top hospitals.

Attractions, Musums and Culture

The most famous tourist attraction in Cleveland is probably the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, designed by I.M. Pei. Other attractions include the Great Lakes Science Center, the Steamship Mather Museum, West Side Marker and University Circle with the Cleveland Museum of Art, Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland Botanical Garden and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

The main performing venue in the city is the Playhouse Square Center, the second-largest performing arts center in the USA. It has five theaters and hosts the Opera Cleveland, Cleveland Play House company, CSU Department of Theatre and Dance company and the Great lakes Theater Festival. The city is also home to one of the “Big Five” orchestras in the USA, the Cleveland Orchestra.

Education in Cleveland

Case Western Reserve University is Cleveland’s top institution of higher education. Other institutions include Cleveland State University, John Carroll University, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland Institute of Music, Notre Dame College and Cuyahoga Community College.


The primary airport for the city is Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, one of the ten principal hubs of United Airlines, with the first airport-to-downtown transit system in the USA. The Port of Cleveland is located at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River and is a major freight terminal on Lake Erie.

Amtrak provides passenger rail service to Cleveland on its Capitol Limited and Lake Shore Limited routes. Intercity bus service is offered by Greyhound, Megabus and several commuter bus companies.

The bus and rail mass transit system in Cleveland is operated by the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority and consists of one heavy rail line, two light rail lines and a bus rapid transit line.

Cleveland is directly served by I-71, I-77, I-90, I-480 and I-490 interstate highways and by a number of state routes and U.S. routes.

Statistical data for the Cleveland city

Data Source : US Census Bureau

Racial makeup

White alone
147,92937.28 %
Black or African American alone
211,67253.34 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
1,3400.34 %
Asian alone
7,3271.85 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
1200.03 %
Some Other Race alone
17,5024.41 %
Two or More races
10,9252.75 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin

Not Hispanic or Latino
357,28190.04 %
Hispanic or Latino
39,5349.96 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin by Race

Not Hispanic or Latino
357,28190.04 %
White alone
132,71037.14 %
Black or African American alone
208,20858.28 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
9970.28 %
Asian alone
7,2132.02 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
700.02 %
Some Other Race alone
5990.17 %
Two or More races
7,4842.09 %
Hispanic or Latino
39,5349.96 %
White alone
15,21938.50 %
Black or African American alone
3,4648.76 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
3430.87 %
Asian alone
1140.29 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
500.13 %
Some Other Race alone
16,90342.76 %
Two or More races
3,4418.70 %

Median Age by Sex

Both sexes

Household Type

Family households
89,82153.63 %
Husband-wife family
37,48641.73 %
Other family
52,33558.27 %
Male householder, no wife present
10,00419.12 %
Female householder, no husband present
42,33180.88 %
Nonfamily households
77,66946.37 %
Householder living alone
66,15085.17 %
Householder not living alone
11,51914.83 %

Geographical and Cultural Features and Landmarks in the Cleveland city - including Historical Features

Distance is calculated from the Cleveland city center coordinates

Distance limit:

Random list of Geographic Features located within the radius of 3 miles from the Cleveland city center


  • 4th District Police Station Heliport [3.13 mi] [5.04 km]


  • Saint Michaels Hall [3.49 mi] [5.61 km]
  • Broadway Branch Cleveland Public Library [1.62 mi] [2.61 km]
  • Saint Michaels Hall [1.1 mi] [1.77 km]
  • Cleveland Fire Department Station 24 [1.98 mi] [3.18 km]
  • South Branch Cleveland Public Library [1.08 mi] [1.74 km]
  • Lorain Branch Cleveland Public Library [3.26 mi] [5.25 km]
  • Swiss Hall [1.19 mi] [1.92 km]
  • Cleveland Fire Department Station 13 [1.25 mi] [2.01 km]


  • Saint Marys Cemetery [1.81 mi] [2.92 km]


  • Church of the Blessed Sacrament [1.92 mi] [3.09 km]
  • Bethany German Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical) [2.09 mi] [3.36 km]
  • Bethany United Church of Christ [2.09 mi] [3.36 km]
  • Saint Lawrence Catholic Church [2.71 mi] [4.36 km]
  • Saint Michaels Russian Orthodox Church [3.48 mi] [5.6 km]
  • United Missionary Baptist Church [3.21 mi] [5.17 km]
  • Christian Tabernacle Church [3.71 mi] [5.96 km]
  • Church of God [3.9 mi] [6.28 km]
  • Concordia Lutheran Church [3.88 mi] [6.24 km]
  • Saint Catherines Catholic Church [3.17 mi] [5.1 km]
  • Christ Lutheran Church [2.06 mi] [3.31 km]
  • Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church [3.8 mi] [6.12 km]
  • West Side Hungarian Evangelical Lutheran Church [3.8 mi] [6.12 km]
  • Saint Matthews Lutheran Church [1.3 mi] [2.09 km]
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church [1.63 mi] [2.62 km]
  • Denison Avenue United Church of Christ [3.87 mi] [6.23 km]
  • Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical) [1.8 mi] [2.89 km]
  • Union Chapel (historical) [3.09 mi] [4.97 km]
  • Saint Roccos Catholic Church [1.61 mi] [2.6 km]
  • Saint Procops Catholic Church [1.87 mi] [3 km]
  • Zion Methodist Church [3.08 mi] [4.95 km]
  • Saint Elias Melkite Catholic Church [1.17 mi] [1.88 km]
  • South Presbyterian Church (historical) [1.17 mi] [1.88 km]
  • Saint Michaels Convent [1.17 mi] [1.88 km]
  • Church of Christ [3.68 mi] [5.92 km]
  • Spanish Assembly of God Church [1.95 mi] [3.14 km]
  • Simpson United Methodist Church [3.38 mi] [5.45 km]
  • Broadway Methodist Church [1.46 mi] [2.34 km]
  • Italian Pentecostal Church [1.71 mi] [2.75 km]
  • Saint Michaels Roman Catholic Church [1.09 mi] [1.76 km]
  • Oehlhoff Methodist Church [2.44 mi] [3.93 km]
  • Saint Marys Ukrainian Catholic Church [3.55 mi] [5.71 km]
  • Scranton Road Baptist Church [1.05 mi] [1.68 km]
  • Saint Johns United Church of Christ [1.55 mi] [2.49 km]
  • Peace American Lutheran Church [3.04 mi] [4.89 km]
  • Dolloff Road Church of God [1.31 mi] [2.11 km]
  • Pentecostal Immanuel Church [3.51 mi] [5.64 km]
  • West Side Church of the Nazarene [3.45 mi] [5.55 km]
  • Ebenezer Evangelical United Brethren Church (historical) [2.65 mi] [4.27 km]
  • Redeemer Lutheran Church [1.25 mi] [2.01 km]
  • Erin Avenue German Baptist Church [1.33 mi] [2.14 km]
  • Bethlehem Congregational Church (historical) [1.35 mi] [2.17 km]


  • Interchange 247 [1.25 mi] [2.01 km]
  • Interchange 167A [3.76 mi] [6.06 km]
  • Interchange 167B [3.25 mi] [5.22 km]
  • Interchange 160 [1.13 mi] [1.82 km]


  • Metrohealth Medical Center [1.44 mi] [2.31 km]
  • Saint Michael Hospital (historical) [1.39 mi] [2.24 km]


  • Union Stockyards (historical) [2.95 mi] [4.75 km]
  • Clark West 30th Shopping Center [1.3 mi] [2.1 km]


  • Regent Playground [2.09 mi] [3.37 km]
  • Broadway Avenue Historic District [1.64 mi] [2.65 km]
  • Kingsbury Run Park [3.47 mi] [5.59 km]
  • Clark Recreation Center [2.46 mi] [3.96 km]
  • Woodland Hills Park [3.69 mi] [5.94 km]

Populated Place

  • Little Bohemia [1.38 mi] [2.22 km]

Post Office

  • Willow Station Cleveland Post Office [1.7 mi] [2.73 km]


  • Kinsman Reservoir [3.76 mi] [6.05 km]


  • Almira Elementary School [3.91 mi] [6.3 km]
  • Saint Lawrence School [2.73 mi] [4.4 km]
  • Blessed Sacrament School (historical) [1.94 mi] [3.12 km]
  • Sackett School [1.79 mi] [2.88 km]
  • Woodland Hills Elementary School [3.15 mi] [5.07 km]
  • Union Elementary School [2.25 mi] [3.62 km]
  • Gilbert School [2.63 mi] [4.24 km]
  • Christ Lutheran School [2.03 mi] [3.27 km]
  • Saint Catherines School (historical) [3.16 mi] [5.09 km]
  • Cleveland Central Catholic School-Broadway Campus [1.66 mi] [2.68 km]
  • Saint Johns Day School (historical) [1.81 mi] [2.91 km]
  • Lincoln-West High School [1.42 mi] [2.29 km]
  • Saint Procops School [1.93 mi] [3.11 km]
  • Saint Rocco School [1.65 mi] [2.66 km]
  • Jefferson Junior High School [2.16 mi] [3.48 km]
  • Barkwill School [1.47 mi] [2.37 km]
  • Cleveland Learning Center - Halle (historical) [3.24 mi] [5.22 km]
  • Buhrer School (historical) [1.02 mi] [1.65 km]
  • Hruby Conservatory of Music (historical) [1.59 mi] [2.56 km]
  • Saint Michaels School [1.15 mi] [1.84 km]
  • Clark Elementary School [2.42 mi] [3.89 km]
  • Willard Elementary School (historical) [3.6 mi] [5.79 km]
  • Walton School [1.58 mi] [2.54 km]
  • Boulevard Elementary School [3.25 mi] [5.22 km]
  • Luis Munoz Marin School [1.03 mi] [1.65 km]
  • Merrick Junior High School [1.44 mi] [2.31 km]
  • Lincoln Junior High School [0.92 mi] [1.48 km]
  • Mill School [1.27 mi] [2.05 km]
  • West Technical High School (historical) [3.5 mi] [5.63 km]
  • Schauffler College of Religious and Social Work (historical) [1.36 mi] [2.2 km]


  • Burk Branch [0.98 mi] [1.58 km]
  • Morgan Run [0.79 mi] [1.27 km]

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City Alias ZIP Codes
Bay VillageCleveland44140
Broadview HeightsCleveland44147
ClevelandBedford Heights44128
ClevelandBedford Hts44128
ClevelandBrm Unique Firm Zip44197
ClevelandBrooklyn Heights44109
ClevelandCleveland44135, 44191, 44190, 44188, 44127, 44126, 44144, 44119, 44128, 44120, 44143, 44125, 44121, 44197, 44129, 44130, 44124, 44134, 44192, 44118, 44102, 44198, 44112, 44111, 44106, 44181, 44110, 44109, 44101, 44195, 44199, 44193, 44194, 44115, 44108, 44114, 44113, 44103, 44104, 44105
ClevelandCleveland Clinic Foundation44195
ClevelandCleveland Heights44106, 44118, 44121, 44112
ClevelandCleveland Hts44118, 44112, 44121, 44106
ClevelandCuyahoga Heights44125, 44127, 44105
ClevelandCuyahoga Hts44127
ClevelandE Cleveland44112, 44110, 44118
ClevelandEast Cleveland44110, 44118, 44112
ClevelandEuclid44143, 44119
ClevelandFairview Park44126
ClevelandFairview Pk44126
ClevelandFirestone Tire & Rub Co44188
ClevelandGarfield Heights44105, 44128, 44125
ClevelandGarfield Hts44105, 44128, 44125
ClevelandHighland Heights44143
ClevelandHighland Hgts44143
ClevelandHighland Hills44128
ClevelandHighland Hls44128
ClevelandHighland Hts44143
ClevelandHuntington Bank44192
ClevelandKey Bank44194, 44190
ClevelandKey Corp44191
ClevelandLyn May44124
ClevelandLyndhurst Mayfield44124
ClevelandMayfield44124, 44143
ClevelandMayfield Heights44124
ClevelandMayfield Hts44124, 44143
ClevelandMayfield Village44143
ClevelandMayfield Vlg44143
ClevelandMiddlebrg Hts44130
ClevelandMiddleburg Heights44130
ClevelandMiddleburg Hts44130
ClevelandNational City Bank44193
ClevelandNewburgh Heights44127, 44105
ClevelandNewburgh Hts44105, 44127
ClevelandNorth Randall44128
ClevelandOhio Motorists44198
ClevelandOrange Village44128
ClevelandParma44134, 44129, 44130
ClevelandParma Heights44130
ClevelandPepper Pike44124
ClevelandPuritas Pk44135
ClevelandRichmond Heights44143
ClevelandRichmond Hts44143
ClevelandShaker Heights44118, 44120
ClevelandShaker Hts44118, 44120
ClevelandSouth Euclid44121, 44118
ClevelandUniversity Heights44118
ClevelandUniversity Ht44118
ClevelandUniversity Hts44118
ClevelandValley View44125
ClevelandWarrensville Heights44128
ClevelandWarrensville Hts44128
ClevelandWarrensvl Hts44128
EuclidCleveland44123, 44117, 44132
Maple HeightsCleveland44137
North RoyaltonCleveland44133
Olmsted FallsCleveland44138
Rocky RiverCleveland44116
StrongsvilleCleveland44149, 44136

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