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Tucson city, Arizona
Nickname(s):The Old Pueblo, Optics Valley
- Total:520.116 (2010)
- Density:2.281,2/sq mi (884,6/sq km)
Area code(s):520
Time zone:MST (UTC-7)
- Total:228 sq mi (589 sq km)
- Land:228 sq mi (588 sq km)
- Water:1 sq mi (1 sq km)
- % water:0,17 %

Quick information summary of the Tucson city area.

Tucson city is located in the state of Arizona. It occupies the area of 228 square miles. 1 square miles are water areas and 228 square miles remain for land areas. Center of the Tucson city lies at +32.1542888, -110.8710622 coordinates. According to the 2010 Census, there are 520.116 living in the Tucson city. The racial makeup shows these 3 races as the most frequent : White (69.72%), Some Other Race (15.23%) and Black or African American (5%). Median age is 32 for the males and 34 for the females.

Tucson is a city in the U.S. state of Arizona and the seat of Pima County. It is the second-largest city in Arizona and in 2010 it had a population of 520,116. Together with Phoenix, the largest city in the state, Tucson is part of a mega-region called Arizona Sun Corridor.

Tucson has a number of companies involved in optics and optoelectronic systems, which has earned the nickname “Optics Valley.” The city is also known as “The Old Pueblo.” The city is home to the oldest university in the state, the University of Arizona.

The name of the city derived from the Spanish word “Tucsón,” which, in turn, derived from the O’odham name “Cuk Son,” meaning “at the base of the black hill.”

The residents of Tucson are called Tucsonans. The city lies in the Mountain Standard Time Zone (UTC-7).

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Statistical data for the Tucson city based on the 2010 U.S. Census

Racial makeup

White alone
362,64969.72 %
Black or African American alone
26,0005.00 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
14,1542.72 %
Asian alone
14,9202.87 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
1,1470.22 %
Some Other Race alone
79,23915.23 %
Two or More races
22,0074.23 %

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Population break-up based on Counties and Subdivisions in the area

Counties Subdivisions
County (whole county) Tucson city part within the County Subdivision (whole subdivision) Tucson city part within the Subdivision
Pima County 980.263- Tucson city part520.116
Tucson CCD 853.603- Tucson city part520.116

Profile of the Tucson city

History of Tucson

The first missionary in Santa Cruz River valley was Eusebio Francisco Kino who arrived in 1692 and eight years later founded Mission San Xavier del Bac. The mission was located several miles upstream from the settlement of Tucson and there was also another settlement, called Convent, located downstream. In 1775 the Spanish established a fort called Presidio San Agustin del Tucson, which was frequently attacked by the Apaches. Tucson became part of Mexico when it gained independence from Spain in 1821 and captured by the Mormon Battalion during the Mexican-American War. However, Tucson soon returned under Mexican control and it was not included in the Mexican Cession. It was only after the Gadsden Purchase in 1853 that Tucson actually became part of the United States.

In 1857 Tucson became a station of the San Antonio-San Diego Mail Line for stage coaches. In August 1861 Tucson became one of the two capitals of the Confederate Arizona Territory (the other one was Mesilla). However, in 1862 the Confederates were driven out of Arizona and in 1863 Tucson became part of the Arizona Territory. It was the territorial capital between 1867 and 1877. During that period and in the following years, Tucson was suffered from frequent Apache attacks and by a spree of stagecoach robberies.

The University of Arizona was established in 1885. At the time, the city had a considerable Asian population. The population in Tucson grew steadily during the first decades of the 20th century. After the World War I, the U.S. Veterans Administration established the Veterans Hospital in Tucson. The air in the city was clean and dry and very beneficial for the veterans who had respiratory problems after being gassed during the war.

Geography and Climate

Tucson occupies an area of 226.71 square miles. It lies on an alluvial plain in the Sonoran Desert, at 2,643 feet above sea level. It is surrounded by mountain ranges, which include Santa Catalina, Tortolita, Santa Rita, Rincon and Tucson mountains. The city was founded on the Santa Cruz River, which today is mostly just dry river bed, except during large seasonal rains.

The city has a desert climate with two major seasons (summer and winter) and three minor seasons (spring, autumn and monsoon). Summer in Tucson is hot and dry and winter is mild, with rare and light snowfall. The monsoon season begins in June or July and brings higher humidity, with frequent afternoon thunderstorms and rainfall. It usually continues until late August or early September.

Population of Tucson

In 2010, Tucson had a population of 520,116 and the estimated population in 2011 was 525,796. In 2010, the racial makeup was 47.2% non-Hispanic White, 41.6% Hispanic or Latino of any race, 5% Black or African American, 2.9% Asian, 2.7% Native American, 0.2% Pacific Islander, 17.8% some other race and 3.4% two or more races.

The median household income in 2010 was $30,981 and the per capita income for the city was $16,322.

Economy and Industry

The University of Arizona is among the top private employers in Tucson and much of the city’s economic development is centered on it. The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is also a major employer. This base, along with the U.S. Army Intelligence Service Fort Huachuca in the nearby Sierra Vista, attracted a number of hi-tech companies to the area, many of which are the government contractors. Some of these companies include Raytheon Missile Systems, Texas Instruments, IBM, Universal Avionics and others. In addition, there are more than 150 optics and optoelectronic companies in the city, which is how Tucson got its nickname “Optics Valley.”

Tourism and Attractions

Another significant industry in Tucson is tourism. The city gets 3.5 million visitors annually, including the “snowbirds” or winter vacationers who are attracted by the city’s mild weather during winter. The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show also attracts many visitors, being the world’s largest show of its kind.

Other large annual events in the city include Tucson Folk Festival, Fourth Avenue Street Fair, TAWN Fall Festival, the Tucson Rodeo Festival and All Souls Procession Weekend.

Some of the most visited attractions and sites of interest include Mission San Xavier del Bac, Fort Lowell Museum, Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Titan Missile Museum, Old Tucson Studios and Pima County Fair.


Tucson is home to the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and Arizona Opera. Mariachi music and culture is very popular in the city, with a number of prominent mariachi musicians, singers and groups. The city also has a small but strong independent music scene and has been home to musicians and groups such as Giant Sand, Calexico, Linda Ronstadt, Ted Ramirez and Bob Log III.

Education in Tucson

In addition to the University of Arizona, Tucson is home to the ten-campus Pima Community College, Arizona State University, Tucson College, Prescott College, Northern Arizona University, Brown Mackie College, The Art Institute of Tucson, and The Art Center Design College.


The primary airport for the city is Tucson International Airport. Intercity passenger rail service is provided by Amtrak with Sunset Limited and Texas Eagle trains. The city has two interstate highways: I-10 and I-19.

Statistical data for the Tucson city

Data Source : US Census Bureau

Racial makeup

White alone
362,64969.72 %
Black or African American alone
26,0005.00 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
14,1542.72 %
Asian alone
14,9202.87 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
1,1470.22 %
Some Other Race alone
79,23915.23 %
Two or More races
22,0074.23 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin

Not Hispanic or Latino
303,80858.41 %
Hispanic or Latino
216,30841.59 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin by Race

Not Hispanic or Latino
303,80858.41 %
White alone
245,32380.75 %
Black or African American alone
23,3627.69 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
8,7762.89 %
Asian alone
14,2114.68 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
9510.31 %
Some Other Race alone
7920.26 %
Two or More races
10,3933.42 %
Hispanic or Latino
216,30841.59 %
White alone
117,32654.24 %
Black or African American alone
2,6381.22 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
5,3782.49 %
Asian alone
7090.33 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
1960.09 %
Some Other Race alone
78,44736.27 %
Two or More races
11,6145.37 %

Median Age by Sex

Both sexes

Household Type

Family households
116,15956.56 %
Husband-wife family
72,19062.15 %
Other family
43,96937.85 %
Male householder, no wife present
12,38028.16 %
Female householder, no husband present
31,58971.84 %
Nonfamily households
89,23143.44 %
Householder living alone
68,04376.25 %
Householder not living alone
21,18823.75 %

Geographical and Cultural Features and Landmarks in the Tucson city - including Historical Features

Distance is calculated from the Tucson city center coordinates

Distance limit:

Random list of Geographic Features located within the radius of 3 miles from the Tucson city center


  • Allied Airstrip [1.18 mi] [1.91 km]
  • Davis Monthan Air Force Base [1.32 mi] [2.12 km]


  • 390th Memorial Museum [1.02 mi] [1.64 km]
  • Rural / Metro Fire Department Station 73 [1.83 mi] [2.95 km]


  • Drexel-Alvernon Census Designated Place [1.8 mi] [2.89 km]


  • Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses [1.68 mi] [2.71 km]
  • Verde Heights Baptist Church [2.67 mi] [4.3 km]
  • Calvary Evangelistic Center [3.52 mi] [5.66 km]
  • Calvary Chapel of Tucson West Campus [2.93 mi] [4.71 km]
  • Door Christian Fellowship Church [3.39 mi] [5.45 km]


  • City of Tucson [0.38 mi] [0.61 km]


  • Palo Verde Interchange [2.76 mi] [4.44 km]


  • Palo Verde Business Center [3.05 mi] [4.9 km]
  • Beaudry Recreational Vehicle Resort and Rally Park [3.07 mi] [4.94 km]
  • Fred Enke Golf Course [3.63 mi] [5.83 km]


  • Poorman Range (historical) [3.85 mi] [6.19 km]
  • Davis-Monthan Air Force Base [1.42 mi] [2.29 km]


  • Thomas Jay Regional Park [1.12 mi] [1.8 km]
  • Los Niños Neighborhood Park [2.19 mi] [3.52 km]
  • Cedar Groves Park [2.35 mi] [3.78 km]
  • The Groves Park [2.51 mi] [4.04 km]

Populated Place

  • Town and Country Mobile Home Park [1.98 mi] [3.19 km]
  • Desert Vista Mobile Home Park [1.79 mi] [2.87 km]
  • Apache Village Trailer Park [1.66 mi] [2.68 km]
  • Mobile Air Park [3.28 mi] [5.28 km]
  • Rankin [2.08 mi] [3.35 km]
  • Desert Willows Mobile Home Park Estates [2.76 mi] [4.45 km]
  • Palomino Mobile Home Community [2.7 mi] [4.35 km]
  • Triple K Mobile Home Park [2.65 mi] [4.27 km]
  • Via Verde West Mobile Home Park [3.07 mi] [4.93 km]
  • Country Club Mobile Home Park [3.47 mi] [5.58 km]
  • Ranchwood Mobile Home Park [2.81 mi] [4.53 km]
  • Buffalo Mobile Home Park [3.21 mi] [5.16 km]


  • Gallego Basic Elementary School [2.7 mi] [4.35 km]
  • Chaparral Middle School [2.61 mi] [4.21 km]
  • Los Amigos Elementary School [3.98 mi] [6.4 km]
  • Los Niños School [2.19 mi] [3.52 km]
  • Esperanza Elementary School [3.81 mi] [6.13 km]
  • Aztec Middle College East [3.27 mi] [5.26 km]
  • Pima College East Campus [3.24 mi] [5.21 km]


  • KTUC-AM (Tucson) [1.57 mi] [2.52 km]
  • KNDE-FM (Tucson) [3.21 mi] [5.17 km]
  • KXCI-FM (Tucson) [3.21 mi] [5.17 km]

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Current weather situation in the Tucson city

City Alias ZIP Codes
SellsLittle Tucson85634
TucsonArizona Medical Center85724
TucsonBusiness Reply85775
TucsonDavis Monthan AFB85707, 85708
TucsonDM AFB85707
TucsonFort Lowell85715
TucsonFt Lowell85749
TucsonI B M Corp85744
TucsonOro Valley85737, 85742, 85704, 85739, 85755
TucsonPima Community College85709
TucsonRincon85710, 85748, 85730, 85747
TucsonSun85716, 85719
TucsonTucson85740, 85755, 85756, 85739, 85747, 85757, 85775, 85720, 85737, 85754, 85741, 85742, 85748, 85746, 85745, 85750, 85744, 85749, 85751, 85743, 85752, 85736, 85735, 85734, 85715, 85714, 85713, 85712, 85711, 85710, 85709, 85708, 85707, 85706, 85705, 85704, 85703, 85702, 85701, 85716, 85717, 85733, 85732, 85731, 85730, 85728, 85726, 85725, 85724, 85723, 85722, 85721, 85719, 85718
TucsonUniv Of Arizona85721
TucsonVeterans Hospital85723
VailCorona De Tucson85641

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